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Frequently  Asked Questions
David Carter

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3. Can headstone engraving
be repaired.

answer: Yes.  We can repair
erroded or missing
engraving in most cases.  In
rare situations, if the
engraving is from the 18th
4. How do you charge?  Is it
per headstone?

answer: We charge an hourly
rate.  After a walk through
appraisal is completed we
will provide a written estimate
including materials and labor.
Headstone broken into multiple pieces,
while difficult, can be repaired.
because of state of the art cleaners and
procedures, can be restores to near it's
original state.
Improperly set
headstones/Obelisks can be
dug up and reset to its proper
Cracks in bases can be repaired in
most cases but sometimes have to
be replaced.
Headstones sometimes over the years
can get knocked down or simply fall
down because of sandy soil, resulting
in becoming covered by grass.  
Missing stones, in most cases, can be
found with a technique called probing.
Broken Base
Missing Stones
"It does take hard work and
a little know how to get the
job done.  But most of all it
takes passion and patience,
so together let's get
Michigan's sacred treasures
restored one cemetery at a

- Dave
CCPreservation Inc is an
active member of The Michigan
Historic Preservation Network.
We Clean & Repair:
DID YOU KNOW        
  • Cemetery restoration can be
    expensive.  Federal grant money
    might be available through the
    State of Michigan.  To find more
    information about qualifications
    and availability click here or visit
    the State of Michigan website.
  • Gaining historical status for your
    cemetery can be one of the best
    things that you can do for your
    cemetery.  Once your cemetery
    receives Historical status (if it
    programs and tax incentives could
    become available.  To find more
    information about gaining
    Historical status for your cemetery
    click here or go to the State of
    Michigan website.
  • The Department of Veterans affairs
    provides resources for grave markers
    for eligible deceased veterans.  For
    more information click here or go to
    the US. Department of Veterans
CCPreservation is a fully insured company.  David Carter
received his training in Indiana from one of the most recognized authorities
in cemetery preservation in the mid-west.  We provide cemetery
maintenance and repair for all of Michigan including the Upper Peninsula.  

Over time, headstones can become victims of their surroundings. They can
become covered by dirt and a growth called
"Lichen" which can make it
difficult to read and is very unsightly when you are visiting your loved ones.  

Cemetery maintenance can also be very hard on headstones and other
grave markers.  Lawn mowers sometimes hit them and break them or
knock them over and they will eventually become covered in grass..

We can repair most Headstones, Obelisks and Monuments that have been
damaged.  We pride ourselves in doing quality work at a affordable price.

Please contact us via email or phone to set up a free walk through
inspection.  Within 24 hrs we will send you an estimate for repairs.
.....Currently working at Mount Avon Cemetery (Rochester, Mi) , New Hudson Cemetery (Lyon Township, Mi) , Newburg Cemetery (Livonia, Mi) ,Oak Forest Cemetery (Flat Rock, Mi) , Potter Cemetery (Monroe, Mi) Paint Creek Cemetery, Novi City Cemetery, and Mascord Cemetery (Commerce Twp).....

David Carter is a member of The
Sons of the American Revolution
Organization (Mi-Oaks Chapter).

The Sons of the American
Revolution is the leading male
lineage society that perpetuates
independence.  As a historical,
educational, and patriotic,
non-profit corporation organized
under section 501(c)(3) of the
Internal Revenue Code, we seek
to maintain and expand the
meaning of patriotism, respect for
our national symbols, the value of
American citizenship, and the
unifying force of "
e pluribus
" that was created from the
people of many nations -- one
nation and one people.
2. Can Broken headstones
be repaired even if there are
pieces missing?

answer: Yes.  Because of
improved technology and
methods it is now possible to
repair headstones and
replace missing pieces.
To check our References click here.
5.  Do You have references
that we can contact about
your work?

answer:  Yes.  Click here to
view some of our references.
1.  Who can contact you for
your services?

Answer:  Any municipal
government or Historical
Society/Commission.  In
some instances we can repair
individual stones that are
privately owned.
Hear about our work being done in
a Livingston County Cemetery
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