Who We Are

CCPreservation is a fully insured Cemetery Preservation company.  David Carter received his training in Indiana from one of the most recognized authorities in cemetery preservation in the mid-west.  We provide cemetery maintenance and repair for all of Michigan including the Upper Peninsula.  

Over time, headstones can become victims of their surroundings. They can
become covered by dirt and a growth called “Lichen” which can make it
difficult to read and is very unsightly when you are visiting your loved ones.

Cemetery maintenance can also be very hard on headstones and other
grave markers.  Lawn mowers sometimes hit them and break them or
knock them over and they will eventually become covered in grass..

We can repair most Headstones, Obelisks and Monuments that have been

We pride ourselves in doing quality work at a affordable price.

Please contact us via email or phone to set up a free walk through
inspection.  Within 24 hrs we will send you an estimate for repairs.

Cater’s Cemetery Preservation

We repair and restore dirty, damaged or broken Obelisks


Often times, Headstones aren’t just dirty! They are usually broken, sometimes into multiple pieces. But with the proper techniques they can be pieced back together and restored!


With the correct know how and the right equipment, lifting, cleaning and repairing large obelisks can restore them back to their original beauty and stature!


Although they are rarely damaged, they do get very dirty and filled with lichen. But with a little bit of patience and a lot of elbow grease, they can be cleaned right up and look as close to original as possible!

Grave Markers

Grave markers, because they are so close to the ground, typically catch most of the dirt and debris that is thrown around by lawn mowers. But like monuments, with some hard work they too can be brought back to life!

Current Projects

Brandon Twp

Commerce Twp

City of Rochester

City of Livonia

Lyon Twp

City of Novi

City of Warren

City of Wixom

Putnam Twp

Independence Twp

Sand Creek Cemetery

Franklin Cemetery

Oakwood Cemetery (Farmington)

Clinton Grove Cemetery

City of St. Clair

Gratton Twp

Oak Hill Cemetery (Pontiac)

Yerkes Cemetery (Northville)

Banks Twp (Charlevoix)